The Glass BallMature

I gathered up my belongings to travel to Zaurot. I was not going to let my people, my friends, die for absolutely nothing. Rage flowed through me as I carefully gathered up things, and placed them in my bag. I lifted a glass ball from the ground of where my home used to sit upon. It surprisingly survived the turmoil. It belonged to me, it used to sit in my home and prove a handy paperweight. It didn't have much use to me. But I knew that it was special. I lifted the glass ball into the light of of day, into the beam of the Fasungar (the equivalent of the Earths Sun). It gleamed and glimmered in the soft magenta light. It created a mini light show around me, but it was so bright that it almost blinded me. I closed my eyes but after the harsh light, that just made me see coloured blobs and shapes in front of my eyes. I looked closer into the glass ball and saw why it was so special. The ball displayed light beams and created a picture, a scene, of what was to come in the not so distant future. I saw a huge black cloud, with the Zaurotian people floating upon in. The cloud swayed and rocked, and zoomed faster than a bolt of lightning into the destroyed version of Saigolu. It landed upon the sandy, dirty ground and the Zaurotians creeped off the cloud with sinister motions. The next thing I saw shocked me to my very core. The ground cracked and a large hole appeared. Into the hole, a seed dropped from the magenta sky. The ground sealed up once more. It began to rain. It stopped raining. A shoot sprouted from the ground and flowered into a Saigolan rose. After this vision, the glass ball showed countless colours of light beams and then it exploded into a thousand shards of magical glass.

The End

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