The Full Story of the Quaso UniverseMature

I could not let the Zaurotian beasts live. If they were out there somewhere, I had to stop them. The technology of my age was incredible. My race and I were some of the only creatures that survived the huge war, consuming, destroying and completely dismantling the Quaso Universe. But, I survived. Along with others in my race, the Zaurotians, the Yokosans and the Bulotreans. We all had our own planet, our own world, suited to our environments and needs. The Zaurotian world was terrible. It had purple and midnight blue skies with icy mountains and rocky ground. The vision I imagined was like the depths of Hell. The home of the Devil, the dark lord. The Zaurotian world did have a leader, like the Devils even eviler twin. Ziro. His form was like the others from his world, shadowy and black, with hypnotic red eyes and power beyond comprehension. His scary silhouette would make the strongest of human kind shiver and quake, cry and weep. He was the darkest, most evil creature in the Quaso Universe, and possibly every other aswell. Suku, the Saigolan leader accepted Ziro's demand for battle, and that is how the most recent battle started. It was so scary, no one could possibly understand what it was like unless they were present in the events. I could not let them win this fight, I had to fight for my life once more, and make sure that the others did not die in vain.

The End

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