After much time, thinking hard, and heavy consideration of my plans, I decided to keep my world alive, and start it again. The battle still ran through my veins, I still felt the intense hatred as before. The sense that I still needed to fight nagged inside of my brain, even though there was no one left to fight. I decided to go back to the battlefield to search and explore. I walked past all that I had done before, but it felt different. I kept walking, presuming it was nothing. I walked and walked, it seemed a longer distance because of my more timid speed. I finally arrived back at the battlefield. I couldn't remember it being so bad, so bare, so dead. The corpses lay still, just as they did before. The plants had withered and died. The brave warriors lay quiet, unlike the terrifying state of them before they met their gruesome end. Life was no where to be seen. There still seemed to be something different about this scene. It bugged me in my mind constantly, until I could take it no longer. I prepared myself, dropped to my knees and looked and searched through the ever rotting bodies. Some still even had the weapons that they were slaughtered with inside their now lifeless body. I realised what was wrong. A pile of 'dead' bodies I had saw earlier had mysteriously disappeared without explanation. I knew that they had to be from the Kingdom of Zaurot, an evil land full of rabid freaks, hell bent on destroying the world in which I live, Saigolu. The creatures that lived in Zaurot were pure evil. The only thing in their minds was destruction, butchering our people. They succeeded. I wish I could describe them properly, they were beasts, shadowy figures of the night. Hideous creatures with evil intentions. Black, scaly bodies. Eyes of the brightest shade of red, capable of hypnotism. Structured like a sculpture, 10 feet high with a brain only capable of processing the simplest and most basic of commands or thoughts, complete destruction, slaughter, murder. Like a huge shadow, the Zaurot creatures swept into Saigolu and just reaked havoc worse than any other war in our universe. The Saigolan people all knocked to the floor and butchered with weapons mightier than the human mind can comprehend. The sheer force of the beasts weight, enough to knock a Saigolan dead. And these beasts were not dead. They had disappeared. They were alive.

The End

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