New GenerationMature

My eyes ached as i escaped from the battlefield. The dust, dirt and debris drifted into them in amongst the chaos of previous events. The battle had only just ended, but i felt that I had to leave as soon as I had done my bit. The images of scarred faces, dripping with blood, still warm, and corpses lying beneath my feet amongst other horrors were scalded, burnt, painted and permanently drawn upon my eyeballs. Never to be erased. The scenes from the gruesome war were forever to be stored in my tortured mind. The parts of bodies scattered upon the sandy, dirty ground along with discarded weapons that were broken or misshapen in the violent struggle. Swords were scattered, bent and twisted piles of metal. More corpses lay as I passed by the flaming brickwork. I began to walk faster, the stench of the corpses was overpowering. I walked and walked, but nothing remained, however far I travelled. It was an empty world, with withered and butchered versions of the things and people that I knew. I turned around after my brisk walk towards nothingness, and realised that my whole world was destroyed. My people, dead. My land, destroyed, along with every city or village, or creature of any kind. My world was gone. The stench of death was in the air. The aftermath was still fresh, it had only just begun. But the whole of my world had to be restored, and by me. No one else had survived the carnage, that I knew of. I was panicking, searching for some sort of answer as to how the whole of my world would be rebuilt in a matter of months, by only me. Every building or structure, every piece of land, rebuilt. Every tree, every flower, every plant, replanted and grown once more with care. The world was in my hands.

The End

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