New Blood

I closed my eyes, thinking quietly in the silence as if not to wake the dead around me. I was alone. My body jerked as a felt a pain stab into my side. I opened my eyes to darkness. I knew it was there, but every time I saw it it was darker. I saw a flickering light but dared not to move toward it. That's how they hunt. out here we have no power and not light. They only offer tricks, I wouldn't make the mistake the elders had. I was.. safe? had I ever been safe, it was a foriegn concept to me, I was never safe. 

I looked around making sure there was no one around to hear me. I stood slowly and as quietly as I could, they were near, I could smell them. I felt their presence as well, they were 'Under-dwellers'. I closed my eyes and silently prayed to whoever was left. 

I had been born into the second annihilation, It had come swiftly from the one place we didn't expect, the abandoned subway system. The very place we now lived? No the place we now fought for our lives. My name had been picked from the talasmins, my name was Dice.

My talasmin clacked against one another, the two cubes with small dots on them. I hadn't seen any of the Clan since the Eaters took over. We had struggled against them for years, I had just bearly escaped when it happened, their were screams and cries.The few children that were left fell first, we had tried to keep society, but in the end it was no use.

To return would be suicidal, I had lost everyone that had mattered to me, who knew if I was the only one left. I too would die sometime, of either disease or Eaters. Out here there was no old age.  

The End

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