Moving In

She exited the train and moved off to a bench on the side. The rest of the exiting crowd spread out as well, heading for their relatives or friends. She sat down and went through her bag. Everything was in place. She closed it up again, and looked up at the sky. It was a brilliant, clear color. It was a while since she had seen such a cloudless sky. Most of the time, there was large, dark clouds scattering the sky, ruining the image. She sat there still for a moment, her head leaned back. There was movement all around her, but she didn't care. For the split second, it was only her and the sky. She relaxed, and sighed of contentedness. She got up, and started walking. It was a while to her apartment, and it seemed nothing was left for her at the station. As she walked off, there was someone looking on from the snack machines nearby. He stared a little, then grabbed his snack and sat down.

She looks really nice. Looks like she's going towards where I live, too. Perhaps things are swinging in my favor. 

He grinned, and began eating his snack.

The End

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