Some people have trouble fitting in at times. Other times, it works fine. But for the case of one girl, it was the other direction. Moondust had never fit in anywhere. Her search has led her across the world, trying to fit in. Hopefully this one last place will be her home.

The soft yet constant rumble of the train woke her up slowly. Others around her were still performing their normal activities: talking with each other, kids running around the cars, playing with themselves, some taking naps like she was. After a few moments of taking in all of the sights to regain a sense of location, her silver eyes slowly reverted to their normal, sullen state. She sat back and relaxed once more, her hand putting her sleek hair behind her ear. She looked out the window to the passing countryside, and began thinking, as she normally did when quiet, keeping her thoughts and emotions within her own mind.

Hopefully this will be the place. I've gone to many cities, none meeting any expectation for what it would be like.

The brakes of the train screeched with the aching noise of metal scraping together. Many people ignored it, but some covered their ears to the loud sound. The train slowed down as passengers leaned forward from the stopping.

I've heard that this town is unlike all of the rest. I'll just have to see for myself.

The muffled noises of the station came into earshot as the train pulled up to the station slowly.

Finally here. Do I still have those papers – Her hand began digging through her messenger bag to locate the papers for her apartment she had prepaid for – yes, here they are. I should've tried to remember the adress on here already. I guess it was either that, or taking a nap. I like the second option much better.

The train doors opened as people got up and started exiting. She reorganized her bag to make sure it was in order, then hopped off of her seat and walked down the isle.

Let's just go to the apartment first and make sure everything is in order before checking out places in town. It should be around time to get a late lunch, so that'll be what I look for first.

She joined up among the group attempting to leave the train, and once more became nothing more than another one among a crowd of many.

Here we go. A new start in another new town.

The End

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