New Beginnings

This is a story about a girl who has parental issues, that are rooted deep within her past. There are many things that could happen to her, now that she arrives in her new town, but I won't specify. Basically, let's have some fun with a fresh start, but let's not forget about the past!

    Mum tried everything. She bought me everything I could ever want or need, but I still didn’t give in. I stayed locked in my room, moping all through the week before we were moving. Mum’s a writer, and when she has a creative spark there’s no stopping her, be it abseiling for an inside perspective for a character, or moving house yet again. We’d moved house four times in the past year, just long enough that I would begin to settle in, get cosy. But then mum would uproot us and move us someplace else. I suppose that’s why dad left us, he was tired of moving around, not being in control of mum but the other way around. It was all so sudden, one night he was there and then the next he wasn’t. It was like he had been abducted, because he didn’t take anything with him, he just left. I was only nine at the time, but I remember it vividly, the pained look that hung on mum’s face for months on end. It stopped when she had an idea for a new book though; she became so engrossed in it that she forgot all about dad. I didn’t though. I remembered. I still remember. Anyway, back to the point. I hated moving, particularly as this time I was on the verge of actually making some friends. Mum had to ruin it, she always does. I don’t hold such a grudge against her now but I’m still upset. I calmed down enough to pack my various belongings into the ‘FRAGILE DO NOT MOVE” boxes. The delivery men arrived in the morning, and it took the better part of the morning to load it up, which was surprising as neither me nor my mum have that much stuff, and we always buy new furniture, wherever we go.


        It was mid-afternoon when we finally arrived at the cottage. I have to admit that my spirits lifted when I saw where we would be living. It was a crumbly old flat like our last place of residence, but an ornate flower strewn cottage. To be honest it looked like it was something from out of a fairytale. It took a lot less time to move the bags and odd pieces of furniture that were too nice to leave behind this time, as I was a lot more willing to help. Mum was in the kitchen fiddling with the gas, and trying to cook supper, so I had an opportunity to explore the house. There were three bedrooms, one of which I was led to believe mum had already claimed, as her things were strewn over the bed. I looked in on the other two rooms when I made my decision of which one I wanted. The walls were a brilliant white and a simple black silk bedspread added a brilliant contrast. The curtains were black again, but embroided with silver moons and stars. It was perfect. I turned around to go downstairs, only to be startled by mum, who was standing in the doorway. She had a thoughtful expression on her face. “You want this one Tash?” she questioned as if she was reading my mind. I replied in a dreamy voice “Yeah…” only to snap out of it and change my expression. “Yes, that would be great. Oh and Pete from the garage called to say that the truck was ready. I could drive you if you wanted to go and collect it…” she trailed off as she saw my face. I guess this was another factor that she had “forgotten to mention”. The fact that I’d only been nagging her for a car for the past year or so, and now she’s finally getting me one, and yet she fails to tell me. There must be a snag involved in this somewhere, I’m certain she would have told me.

 “Hang on a minute” I asked “Your getting me a Car?”

“Yeah…”she replied somewhat unwillingly “Actually it’s a truck but er, you’ll be driving to school from now on.”

I sighed a sigh of relief. Driving to school, easy peasy, I wasn’t expecting it to be as easy at that! “That’ll be great” “I’m all for going to the garage now.”

She let out a deep breath, as if she had been holding her breath for the duration of the conversation. “I’ve just got a bit more unpacking to do it the kitchen, and then we can go” she replied enthusiastically.


 It didn’t take mum long to unpack, and whilst she was checking the boot for the A-Z, I looked at the Schools ‘Newbie’ pack. I would be starting the coming Monday and I wanted to know as much as possible. It’s a small town on the outskirts of Pennsylvania, population 3198. Smaller than the last place, and 12 less schools. Would you believe it but the entire city. Pathetic. The school mum enrolled me in for is called St Theresas School, and theres only 312 pupils. What a joke. If I can’t make friends in a school of 3000, I’ll never make friends with only three-hundred and twelve pupils in.  I looked down at the list of names, disappointed in the distict lack of variation. Joe. Claire. Becky. Emma. Charles. Joe. Emily. Rebecca. Christian. Nice name that, Christian… sounds sophisticated. Probably just a greasy haired mop head like the rest of them…


The End

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