new beggining

fan fiction




Strolling through the fair, I saw people having the time of their lives, having fun. The clowns dancing around, putting on their show. I found my friends at the food stand; it stunk of hotdogs and burning fat. They saw me and yelled me over towards them. We stood near the mystic gypsies’ tent; the smell of cigarettes slipped through the tent entrance.


   We walked in, to see if she was a fake or the real deal, I sat down on the cheap stool in the claustrophobic, shabby and dingy tent. Then the gypsy walked in like, she was just having a couple of lines of cocaine of the toilet sink. Her eyes loomed over my face and she gazed into my eyes and I gazed into her droopy large pupils. Suddenly she snatched my hand with the grip of a python she screamed in my face “ you’re cursed “ then she screeched in my face “you’re going to come to you’re departure from this world and to start you’re new beginning“.


   I jumped out of my seat and I sprinted out of the tent entrance running the fastest in my life doing anything to get away from the gypsy’s tent and as far away from the fair as I could get.


   I was still running but I started to slow down to gather air and all I could hear was the rough sound of my throat gasping for air. I gazed around astounded at how far I had ran away from the fair. I looked around trying to find any type of land mark but there was nothing but darkness and silence but the smell of the fresh outdoors.




    I stood still gazing for any life but still I could see nothing in my view. I started walking at a nice steady pace, my eyes still searching for life or any land marks. Suddenly I felt a light breeze of sweet hot wind it felt like a sweltering hot gust on a sunny day abroad not in a dark field in Preston or anywhere in England especially in the coldest winter of the decade.


   I turned round waiting to see some one behind me but there was no one in sight not even a living thing in sight. Then I just carried on strolling toward home I thought but it wasn’t!


   Then suddenly I felt the breeze again so I turned again this time annoyed not that inquisitive anymore. I stood gazing around but still I didn’t see the thing that was the cause of the gust. Then all I heard was a heavenly voice whispering in my ear” hello , what are you doing out here on your own”. Then I turned to face it , all I could see was a face covered by a quite large hood.


  It danced toward me like it was happy to see me and like it was going to embrace me in a huge bear hug. Then it lurched toward my chest and snatched my hand just like that crazy gypsy did earlier that night.i felt its body , stone cold and it was totally not human.







  It kissed my hand and then it sank it’s teeth into my flesh I felt a tingling sensation running through my body. I had the feeling of ecstasy and pain twisting through my body pumping through my veins corrupting my body, swimming in my brain until I felt like I was just seconds from demise.



  Then it flung me over it’s shoulder and started to run, all I could feel was the wind gushing in my face like I was on a motorbike but I wasn’t I was just on it’s shoulder. Then it came to a strong halt and pulled me to my feet but I fell to the floor straight away but it swiftly picked me up and slid me on a bed.


                      (A WEEK LATER )



    When I woke up it was watching me waiting for my first move but I led there waiting for it to do something else to me but it stood there watching me. Then it hesitated to say something to me and it questioned me in a light tone “Are you awake?”


    I still led there watching it but then it closed its eyes and answered his own question “ I guess you wont speak to me yet will you?”. I still stared at it and I realised it was a women with the most beautiful face and complexion , its face chalky white. I realised what it was it was a

VAMPIRE. That is when I had a panic attack and she quickly came to me and eased me out of it but then I had a sudden urge to get away from her.

     I found my self running again but this time I was so much faster and so much stronger. I felt a sudden burn in my stomach I was hungry so I looked for a restaurant but all I found was a hotdog stand with loads of people.


    I hovered toward the hotdog stand and I just went on a wild streak and the people at the hotdog stand just stood there watching me inquisitively but then I suddenly lashed out at them tearing them apart limb from limb their blood spurting up in the air and all over my face I just carried on being savage and ravenous ripping them in to tiny little scraps.


    Then I heard a light giggle from behind me it was her watching me , letting me carry on killing them but then she stopped me and forced me to the floor and held me down but I was still so frantic I pushed her off me and ran but  she carried pursuing me and then she jumped me down to the floor.


   She took me back to her beautiful home it was so light and spacious so different to what I thought a vampires house would be like. But then she took my hand and she sat with me on her bed and then she asked “ what’s you’re name ?” I totally blanked her but then she touched me and I was electrified like she did it to me not an electric shock..






    Then she smiled at me and said in a happy joyful tone “You felt my power didn’t you?” I replied weirdly happily “yes , that was you?”” you have a power too “ she stated happily. I felt weird that I was actually having a conversion with the animal that turned me into this thing this VAMPIRE, She asked me my name and I replied very civilized and said” my name is Caleb Sun ,what is you’re name?” she replied in a light and soft tone” my name is Sarah Kelly “.


   She trained me to be the best VAMPIREI could be but she trained me to not kill humans but to be a VAMPIRE vegetarian. I did not eat human I only ate animals but still sometimes the urge was so strong she would have to keep me under lock and key and keep me away from any human civilisation. But then she said she wanted to take me to visit a family of VAMPIRE vegetarians she told me their family name it was the Cullen’s.


    She told me they were a family of couple’s the parent’s ESME and CARLILSE, ALICE and JASPER, ROSALIE and EMMET and the last couple have a child there names are BELLA EDWARD  and their daughter RENESME they all lived in the same house in a small town called Forks in America.



   Then she said we’re setting of tonight but I suddenly felt dread that I may lash out at one of them and they’ll all kill me but then I felt a sudden power strike run through my body and the bed and all the other object’s that were in the room were floating around my head and Sarah came in a flash and said in a happy tone “now we know what your power is “ she had a light smile on her face, she started to chuckle then she went in to a laughing fit and so did i.


   We set on our way to forks a little town somewhere in America but she said it will take about an hour to get there but I didn’t believe her at all but she was right we were there in an hour on the dot. She showed me the town and then she finally took me to their house.


    It was a large house nearly as good as Sarah’s but still hers was so much better but I still liked it she introduced me to all of them they were surprisingly welcoming to me but I was still hesitant to do almost anything I was scared I would offend them.


    They saw how scared I was and reassured me not to be scared and to be calm and they all talked to me about being a new born VAMPIRE and they all told me their own stories of how they became one of the ever living. And the newest born vampire was Bella the one with the child and husband called Edward she told me stories of how she met the Cullen’s and that her daughter was imprinted on by a VAMPIRE I thought but actually she was imprinted on by a WEREWOLF I did not think WEREWOLVES where real until now I don’t know what else are real.

The End

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