The world of a man is shattered in an instant.

She sat, once again, directly across from me. I knew she wanted me judging based solely on the way she peered into my soul with her baby-blues. When she was in the room I didn't even hear a thing, my focus was tuned to her alluring channel.

“What?” she says, crossing her legs.

“Hmm? Oh. Nothing. Nothing, why, you alright?”

I fumbled my words like a school boy talking to his crush. I must have looked like an ass hole, and why the hell did she cross her legs? Did she see me look at her crotch? Impossible, my eyes are fixed on hers indefinitely.

“For the passed three days we've sat directly across from each other and all you've ever done was stare at me. Quite frankly, I'm freaked out.”

She was angry, but not fuming angry. It was almost cute, the tone in her voice hinted at flirtation. She enjoyed having me stare at her. I think.

“I'm so sorry, it's just that – how can I say – you are so mesmerizing. I'm infatuated by you, and can I just say that the highlight of my day is being in this room with you.”

She smiled briefly then looked to the ground, her hands started moving, closing onto one another. She wiggled her hips deeper into her chair.

“I don't know what to say. You are the only man, let alone only person, to speak to me since I arrived here. I'm pleased that you find me, what's the word, interesting to look at.”

She took the bait, I was hook, line and sinker, at least for now. How was I to proceed? Do I just outright ask her out? Maybe her name? Yes, her name.

“My name is Reventon, what is yours?”

She looked up at me, then raised her left hand and gracefully slide it through her hair. The sun behind her illuminated it, creating a vivid daub of gold through my glasses.

“Tina. My name is Tina.”

“It's a pleasure to meet you Tina.”

Smiling intently Tina replies, “please, the pleasure is all mine.”

When things were just getting good, my number was called. I had finally received an appointment with a doctor. “Yes!” I thought to myself while getting out of my chair. I smiled and nodded at Tina and said, “I'll be right out” then went towards the back of the room, through the bright red doors that led to the triage rooms.

“Sir, please go into room 3 and the doctor will be in shortly,” said a nurse.

The nurse was older and chubby. Despite her portly stature, she had a very beautiful face. It reeked of fake kindness, the type you get from someone whose job is to act like they are in a good mood but really aren't.

I sat in the triage room for close to fifteen minutes. In that time I was able to pocket a decent amount of hospital supplies. You know, white rubber gloves, gauze, needles, and the works.

The doctor came in. He was of Pakistani descent. His face was void of black hair though. His eyes were genuinely kind, but obviously tired.

“Hello, Mr. Chase. How are we today?”

“I'm doing alright, sir. Just here for the results.”

I was anxious, my heart raced as the doctor rummaged through my rather large file. Why was he taking so long? What is that big red form on the front for? Answers to my questions hit me square in the face.

“Ah, yes. The test results are...” he flipped through several pages “...positive for the Nevira virus, I'm terribly sorry.”

My world crashed. I heard nothing after the word, Nevira. It echoed throughout consciousness. I felt like a knife had stabbed me in the chest repeatedly. The image of Tina faded from my memory, like chalk being erased from a black-board, disappearing with each brush. Nevira, the successor to the AIDS virus. It was basically cancer and aids combined. Why wouldn't they call it Canceraids? What the fuck is Nevira? Sounds like a stupid name. It was possibly a last name of the person who discovered it. Nevira.

The End

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