Ron: ShipMature

Veronica couldn't help but laugh.

Jackeye and Jonin' had been pulling down the pants of multiple unfortunate crew members, and the resulting chaos was absolutely hilarious. 

Cotton looked absolutely furious. And she was calling for Ron to get the prisoners, but luckily she was nowhere to be seen.

In her place was a young man with black hair and startlingly green eyes, laughing hysterically.

Disguises were always convenient, especially after one did something that could potentially get them in trouble with a controlling Captain who had anger issues.

Speaking of which, Cotton was getting too close to Ron's position for comfort. 

Veronica held her head down and started moving away, doing her best to blend in.

One of the greatest methods of pretending to be someone else was staying away from people looking for you.

Ron suddenly felt her pants being tugged downwards sharply, but they didn't move thanks to the belt she had cinched on her waist to keep them from falling off.

She whirled around, holding a dagger at the perpetrator's neck.


"If you want to pull a woman's pants down," Ron said, smirking, "I suggest Cotton."

He started at the sound of her unconcealed voice and it was enough for her to sneak back into the crowd, returning his wink at the last possible moment.

As soon as she was swallowed back into the moving throng of people she made her way to the mast, scaling it to hop into the crow's nest.

She watched the scene below for a few moments, until she glanced up and saw a ship bobbing in the water some distance from them.

Ron cleared her throat and yelled in the place of the missing lookout.

"Ship ahoy!" 

The End

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