Jackeye: PantsingMature

“Thank ye, good kind gentle lady.” Jackeye saluted Ron as he tossed the ropes away with his other hand. “May the seas take you to wondrous places. Now if you’ll excuse me, I shall be needing to head off in search for a clean pair of pants for my fine first mate who has had the most unfortunate accident of... doing the deed in his pants.”

He wrinkled his nose as the smell, but still managed to sneak a wink at her before kicking Jonin’ along.

“Come on boy. You smell.”

“S’rry Ca’tin. I couldin hold it in an’ longer.”

Jackeye waved off his comment. “I’m sure Cotton will be thrilled to see that-” He pointed to the puddle of piss. “on the floor of her ship. Now... as for some pants...”

He rubbed his hands dangerously together and looked around.

“Shall we find the clothing closet or just steal pants of of someone?”

“Ca’tin, I dun think we cin steal pants off of son one.”

Jackeye gave him an angry glared.

“I wasn’t asking to you, you blockhead!” He hissed. “Anyway, what fun is it, not to steal pants off if people?”

“We moight git in trouble.”

“Since when were you afraid of getting in trouble?”

“I dun wanna piss in m’pants agin.”

Jackeye glanced at him.

“Well, then you can go back and sit in that pool of piss if you so wish to. I’m sure Cotton will be thrilled to have a victim to take out her anger on for my escapade.”

It seemed to do the trick, because Jonin’ suddenly popped up and ran straight ahead.

“Now that’s more like it, old bud’. Let’s go get you some pants!” Jackeye whooped loudly and followed his first mate.

The End

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