Ron: BossyMature

Veronica strolled around the deck, watching as the crew scrambled about like a bunch of ants.

Cotton was barking out orders constantly, clearly agitated by their pursuit of the new ship.

Even though the wind was strong and in their favour, the Gale never seemed to get any closer.


Jackeye looked unsettled too. Made sense, since a suspicious puddle was surrounding Jonin's feet and threatening to reach him.

The ship was nice, Ron gave it that, but it was nothing compared to the Phoenix. 

The Phoenix was a true warship, with hundreds of cannons ablaze and sails so expansive that you couldn't see them in their entirety from anywhere on board.

And it was all carved in the likeness of the immortal bird, with a massive beak and crest as the figurehead and wooden wings spreading all the way along the hull.

What was a nightingale in comparison to a phoenix? 


She turned, only to see the captain glaring at her.

"You're here to work, not to lounge! Find something to do!"

"Roger that, captain." Ron muttered, slipping away from the front of the ship. 

Cotton was no fun sometimes. Veronica absolutely despised being told what to do. 

Unless, of course, she did the opposite.

Veronica turned sharply and cut Jackeye's hands free from where they were tied to the mast from behind, chuckling and making her way below decks to watch the show.

The End

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