Isabel: WordlessMature

It was a relief to see the BlackBird back out in the sea. Cotton sighed as breeze fluttered past her, enjoying a short lived silence that was quickly shattered by the most hateful noise of all.

That jackass Jackeye’s voice.

“Excuse me captain! But it’s getting rather uncomfortable up here. Wouldn’t you mind letting two poor sailors down?”

Cotton turned around and glared at that handsome face.

“Speak again and I’ll carve new scars into your pretty face.” She hissed. Jackeye shut up for a moment

“Ca’tin, I gotta piss.” Jonin’ moaned just as Cotton began turning away.

“Go piss in your pants then.” Cotton shouted, throwing a glare at him.

“Hey!” Jackeye frowned. “Is that how you treat your crew?”

“You’re no crew. You’re two idiots that I never should have agreed to bring along in the first place.”

“Do not question my intelligence Captain.” Jackeye gave her a deep stare. “You will regret it.”

For a moment the Cotton was caught by those bright glowing eyes and her breath hitched for a second, but she quickly broke away.

“And for a second I thought I could believe you. Until I remembered that you were currently tied to a mast with your first mate in deep need to piss.”

She gave him a lopsided smile and walked away as Jackeye opened and closed his mouth, lost for words. What a victory.

“Capt’in! We’ve sighted another ship!” The lookout up shouted. Cotton’s smile quickly disappeared. Already? They were sure having a busy day.

“Any flag?” She asked.

“Too far to see.”

Cotton grabbed her own telescope and gaze out at the dot on the horizon. Quite indeed there was a ship and it looked quite lovely, nothing like she’d ever seen before.

“What is it?”

Cotton really wanted to smash something. She whirled around and glared at Jackeye.

“I told you to shut up.”

“You saw her didn’t you.”

“Who?” Cotton looked bewildered for a moment.

The Gale. The loveliest ship ever built. Handcrafted and personally designed by my father.” He sighed. “Everyone who’s seen that ship make the same exact face. It’s the face you’re making right now.”

Cotton froze for a second.

“And what is you ship doing in the middle of the sea?”

Jackeye’s eyes dimmed.

“Gremlin.” He spat.

“Oh.” For a moment, Cotton couldn’t help but feel a little pity for him.

“I thought you were suppose to hate me.” He glanced at her with a smirk.

“Shut up.” She growled, sending a solid slap across his face before storming off.

The End

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