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Ron sat on a barrel, cleaning out her nails with the stiletto knife Jackeye had been kind enough to return to her. The crew were bustling about repairing the ship and smack dab in the middle of it Jackeye and his tub of lard pal were tied to the mast of The Blackbird. 

Cotton had a cruel sense of humour. 

Veronica sighed, standing and stretching her legs. She had already made it clear she was above the menial labour the rest of the crew were partaking in but choosing not to participate left her with little to do.

Except....go and threaten the captives.

Ron chuckled and scaled one of the ropes hanging off the ship, letting her fiery hair blow freely in the salty wind.

A lanky deckhand passed her and she smiled pleasantly at him, inspecting the silk handkerchief she had pocketed from him afterwards. 

It was a deep green, the colour of her eyes, so she tied it deftly around her head to keep her curls from obstructing her gaze. 

"Oy, Jackeye!"

He looked up at her voice and smirked as if he weren't tied up.

"Hello, Veronica."

Ron tilted her head in curiosity, purposefully flashing the stiletto she had been fiddling with earlier to peel an apple she had subconsciously grabbed off someone. 

"It's Ron."

"Okay." he started in reply, only to revert to his smirk, "So what brings your worthy presence to two humble sailors, Veronica?"

Veronica didn't allow herself to be agitated, but sat down on a large bundle of rope opposite him.

"You, Jackeye, are a very fascinating man-"

He cut her off.

"Of course."

"-Who has been nothing but trouble for my employer. You have to end your little game now, before I get my hands dirty."

Jackeye seemed oblivious to the malicious edge in her voice and shrugged.

"You seem like you'd love to get your hands dirty. I'm sure Isabel appreciates that we're keeping her crew busy."

First-name basis with the captain, eh? Clearly he had too much arrogance for his own good.

Veronica drew her sword and held it to his neck, letting her eyes narrow to slits.

"I've got my eyes on you, pirate. Be so sure as to hurt my share in this ship, and your head will be adorning the crow's nest."

He looked pensive for a moment but spoke soon afterwards.

"I never did like heights."

Ron struggled to keep a straight face and let the sword fall. 

Without a word, she turned and went to work helping the repairers. 

The End

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