Isabel: HoleMature

Cotton watched the receding figures with a sigh. For some reason, her previous anger for those two idiots was no longer there. Her crew waited for her command but she only shook her head.

“I think we’ll find them back at the ship” She finally said with a sigh. “I have a feeling.”

“But Captain-”

“Shut up.” She growled. “I’m not stupid.”

There was a pause as everyone stared at her. Cotton glared back.

“What are you staring at?” She hissed. “Get it moving, we’re heading back to the ship.”

The entire crew of men began plowing back through the jungle, pushing through the forest with Cotton leading them at the front.

The forest was endless and for the shortest moment, some of the crew members had thought they were lost, but soon enough, they broke free from the forest and ended up in the familiar cotton fields they had played dog-chase in. The way back from there was easy, a quick plow through the cotton led to the ship which was, thankfully, still docked by the beach.

And then, to the crew’s surprise, there was Jackeye standing by the ship with Jonin’ inspecting the hull for some reason. Cotton smiled. There. She right.

“Get over here, you two bumheads.” She shouted at them. The taller one glanced up and a laugh echoed across the beach.

“Bumhead? Excuse me, but I think you wouldn’t like to call the person who notices a big hole in your ship a bumhead.”

“What?” Cotton paused for a second in surprise. “A hole in the ship? What do you mean a hole?”

She ran over and there is was, a big gaping hole in the ship that hadn’t been there before.

“Oh christ,” She cursed, “Who that hell would do this?”

She glanced up at Jackeye, but he put on a innocent expression.

“Don’t blame me. I wouldn’t have told you if I did it.”

She glare immediately moved to Jonin’ who ducked behind Jackeye’s back shivering.

“It wasant me.” He mumbled.

Cotton sighed. “Oh get it moving. We got a ship to fix.” She could figure out who it was later.

The End

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