Jackeye: CursedMature

“Magic, huh?” Jackeye whistled, glancing at Ron’s thigh. She gave him a glare.

“Shut your trap.” She spat, letting the pant leg down. Jackeye shrugged, running a hand down the smooth skin on his face. Something didn’t feel right. Something was too wrong about this.

This spring seemed too good to be true. There must be some curse, or at least some consequence, to drinking from this fountain. Jackeye frowned as he took another glance at the fountain, when he noticed that the walls around the springs were filled with crisscrosses. The lines decorated the walls, crawling through the moldy hard surfaces. The lines looked strangely familiar. They looked like... Scars.

“What are you staring at?” He heard Cotton shout at him.

“Nothing.” He said, starting to get an idea of what the “curse” of the fountain was. Obviously, the people who came here figured it out. And they were letting the curse out on the walls.

“How could you be staring at nothing?” She growled, shooting forward towards him.

“Wait!” He shouted blocking her hand with his sleeve. “Look at this.”

He extended a finger and let his skin come in full contacted with a nearby tree. There was a series of loud popping noises and seconds later, the tree was full of newly formed scars; scars that were once on Jackeye’s body.

“Do you see? That’s the curse.” He smiled slightly, pushing Cotton’s hand against another tree with his sleeve. Her finger brushed the bark of the tree and scars began popping all over the tree. “The first living thing that you touch with your skin will explode into scars. See that?”

Jackeye pointed at the wall and everyone turned to look at edge of the mountain. They all gasped as they noticed that scars crisscrossed across the moldy wall. As they all realized what it meant, members of the crew began rushing towards the spring, gulping down the water and poking nearby trees. Some people practically threw themselves against a tree.

The frenzy was cut short when there was a large popping sound and everyone turned to see Jonin’ standing there, his hand still extended. A guilty smile was on his face as he slowly set his finger down. The tree beside him was smoking and wood had exploded off of it.

“Hullo.” He muttered. “I don’t lika b’ing stared at.”

There was a moment of awkward silence as the crew members stared at him. But seconds later, the frenzy continued.

Jackeye scooted over to Jonin’ and jabbed him in the gut.

“We need to get going.” He whispered and began dragging him off. Jonin’ nodded and they slinked off again.

The End

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