Ron: EnchantedMature

Cotton was running with the fury of a thousand wild animals, leaping with inhuman agility over bushes and branches without so much as blinking when Ron tripped multiple times and scrambled to catch up. 

She reached a clearing and stopped abruptly without so much as a warning, quickly getting pushed to the floor when it became clear Veronica had too much momentum to stop. 

"Ron, could you be so kind as to get off of me?" she muttered, mouth full of grass.

Veronica quickly hopped off, not looking to incur the wrath of the shorter woman. 

And then her jaw hit the moss-covered floor.

For there, in the place of the two rascals the crew was chasing, were...others? 

It couldn't be possible, though, seeing as they were wearing the exact same clothes and expressions as Jackeye and Jonin' had been earlier. In some strange, fascinating way, their faces were suddenly unmarked, free of the scars that had riddled them. What sorcery had caused that? 

Isabel regained her composure and managed to get her crew to grab them once more, but Ron was still left dumbfounded.

Jackeye was totally unrecognizable. Now that his skin was free of the lines criss-crossing it moments earlier he was practically a new man. 

She could now notice his strong features and square jaw, the tumultuous cobalt eyes that were glancing from Cotton to the pools of water in the clearing and back.

It would have been a lie to say that he wasn't devilishly good-looking. Especially because of the fact that the somewhat round-bellied Jonin' was providing a strong contrast to his athletic frame.

"How did this happen?" Cotton asked suddenly after a moment of silence, her sword being twirled threateningly through the air.

"'ow did wha' happen, Ca'tin Cotton?" Jonin' replied, raising his eyebrows in a bad impression of curiosity.

"This." Isabel retorted, pointing to his face with the blade, "And don't make me undo this magic with new scars, because I could very well do that if I wanted to."

Jonin's eyes widened and he pointed to one of the pools of water, shrinking back from the sword.

Cotton strolled over to the water and looked at it, running a hand through its glistening surface. Ron joined her, filling up a canteen and tentatively taking a sip. 

It was refreshing. 

She stood, wondering if she was supposed to be feeling any different.

Nothing seemed to be happening. 

Veronica grabbed the end of her left pant leg, rolling it up to take a look at her thigh.

A few men from the crew whistled but she ignored them, surprised to see the pale, unbroken skin.

Her scar was gone. 

The End

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