Jackeye: The RunMature

“I said shake the tree! Not punch it! Since when did you have knuckles strong enough to move a tree? You idiot! Go and shake it!”

Jackeye aimed a frustrated kick at Jonin’ butt, sending him flying. Jackeye threw himself against the coconut tree and shook it with all his might. The coconuts began falling all over the place.

“Now this is how you do i- Careful!”

Jackeye winced as he watched Jonin’ get knocked on the head with a coconut.

“You alright matey?”

Jonin’ crawled up rubbing his slightly bleeding head.

“I arite ca’tin. But I feelin’ a leettle dizzy.”

“Get up. It’s just a little blood.” Jackeye dragged him up, scooping up a coconut. “Now let’s go get some water.”

“Didin you say we wasn’t gonna go to de river?”

Jackeye rolled his eyes.

“One drink isn’t going to kill us. Do you want to die from dehydration?”

“S’rry ca’tin.” Jonin’ muttered stumbling behind a striding Jackeye.

“Now do you have your water flask?”

Jackeye heard Jonin’ search himself.

“I thinka I dropped it.”

Jackeye almost threw a coconut at him.

“That’s been your 15th one this month. I’m not paying for anymore skins.”

“I’ma s’rry. I thinka I dropped while running.”

Jackeye shook his head.

“We’ll just have to use these coconuts for now.” Jackeye kicked a branch aside and heard a dull thump and a moan. He looked up and there he saw Cotton, soaking wet and glaring at him with a crew member rolling on the ground besides her hold his face.

“Oh no.. Not again...” He muttered, flashing a weak smile as Cotton. “Well hello...”

He could almost see the steam come out of Cotton’s ears.

“Oh god... Run!” He turned around and pushed Jonin’ away just as Cotton lunged at them. They began plowing through the forest, making the loudest ruckus.

“Jackeye get your dirty ass back here!” Cotton screamed, chasing after them.

“Oh no, Captain Cotton, I believe not. I think I would rather stay alive.” Jackeye gave Jonin’ a quick shove. “Come on! Move your feet faster! Do you want to get skinned alive?”

“Aww naw Ca’tin, I’ma trying har’, but I thirsty, ita hard ta run wen yer thristy.”

Jackeye grumbled as he watched Cotton get closer and closer.

“We should’ve followed the river.” He muttered, whacking a tree branch out of the way. Suddenly Jonin’ stopped and Jackeye almost ran into him.

“Jonin’! What are you doing? Get it moving.”

“Naw, ca’tin lookit...”

Jackeye looked up and realized that they were at a dead end. The wall of a mountain loomed in front of them with two small pools of water on either side of a small grove.

“Goddammit.” He cursed, searching for a way out. He looked around frantically, but other than steep cliffs, there was nothing else. “Why’d you take us here.”

“I didin know ca’tin.” Jonin’ shook his shaggy head.

“Well..” Jackeye breathed with a shrug. “Better to die hydrated.”

He shoved Jonin’ forward into one of the pools and he dove towards the other, submerging his face into the sweet clean water. He took one big swig before he felt his head get torn backwards by his hair.

“Owie ow ow ow, let go, le-” He tried to break free when he suddenly froze. “Jonin’! What happened to your face?”

Jonin’ stared back at him.

“Ca’tin, your scars are gone!”

The End

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