Isabel: SlopMature

Isabel couldn’t have been more pissed.

Why did she had to jump off a cliff into a freezing cold river just to find out that she had been tricked by two blockheaded idiots? Not to mention the fact that she was soaking wet now and her shoes wouldn’t stop making squishing noises as she slopped through the mud.

“Oh those asses. They’ll pay for this.” She cursed with a slight growl. She turned back to her crew, most which were still stumbling out of the water. “C’mon you blockheads, get it moving. We’ve got some fuckers to catch.”

Isabel wrung out some of the water from her shirt and began dragging herself through the muddy bank.

“Oh! You idiots!” She shouted. “Didn’t I tell you to keep an eye on them? How could your guys have let these two dumbasses get the best of you?”

She grunted in annoyance as her crew followed sloppily behind her.

They made their way along the river and slowly, the cliffs lowered until the trees were no longer towering over them, loomed right next to them. Isabel plopped down on a tree root panting and tore off one of her shoes, pouring out the water that had gathered in it.

“Captain, what now?”

Isabel looked up and saw one of her crew members. She sighed.

“What else can we do now? I say we find a way back and get off of this island as soon as possible.”

“But, what about them?”

“Those two idiots will probably starve to death before they realize that we’ve left.”

Isabel tore off her other shoe and poured the water out, watching as it splashed onto the ground forming a small puddle around her. She leaned down and stared into her watery reflection. She was a mess. Her hair was straggled all over the place and there was dirt smeared on her face. She reached up and wiped it off with disgust. She never really liked mud.

She leaned down again when she thought she heard something. She froze and heard it again.

Isabel smiled. Those two idiots really must be stupid.

The End

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