Ron: Pool PartyMature

Ron cut through the water gracefully, swimming as to avoid any splashing, and neared the two bundles of clothes floating down the river. 

She pictured her victory before it even happened; getting the chance to catch the two little buggers, scaring the good hell out of them, laughing at their dejected faces, dragging them ashore and giving them a sound beating. The taste of triumph was so close she could, well, taste it. 

Veronica sped up in her eagerness, letting out a battle cry before clamping her hands down onto what she had presumed to be soggy backs with great force. 

...And immediately felt them come apart in her hands and become nothing but shirts and grass. 

She roared and spluttered incomprehensibly, already sick of the bitter rank of defeat. As if it wasn't bad enough that the buffoons had gotten away, but managed to trick her. Outsmarted, by a pair of idiots. 

The sounds of yells hit her ears and was followed by a near-tsunami crashing into her. She turned, coughing, to see the rest of the crew in the water. And the escapees up on the cliff, looking victorious before disappearing.

Maybe Jacka-...Jackeye was more clever than she gave him credit for. Maybe he actually deserved a shred of respect. Maybe being the key word.

Ron shook the thought off and started the swim back, avoiding the various bodies bobbing about. The crew had some catching up to do. 

The End

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