Jackeye: Useful BlockheadMature

If Cotton had thought Jackeye was stupid, then she was wrong. Terribly wrong.

The moment the captain jumped down with her crew, Jackeye leapt out from behind a bush, dragging Jonin’ with him.

"Look! I'm still alive!" Jackeye jeered at the few of Cotton's crew still standing there. They all squinted at him.

"Go get him!" One of them shouted. They all raced towards him. Jackeye sidestepped quickly and watched as they all plunged down into the abyss.

"Good-bye." He said with a simple wave as he turned to Jonin'. “Good job with the stuffed shirts.”

Jonin’ smiled.

“Wonder wat dey’ll do once dey reelise dat we’re still here.”

“No matter. Let’s go.” Jackeye left the path they made and began plowing towards the forest.

So what happened?

Jackeye was no idiot. When he chose Jonin’ as his first mate, there was a reason why he never chose a new one, as stupid as Jonin’ could be sometimes. They had a secret way of communication via body language that seemed completely natural, but was actually silent scheming. Ironically, the blockheaded Jonin’ was the only person Jackeye could find who could understand him. And so when he began whispering with Jonin’, secretly they were having another conversation.

“Ca’tin, wat we gonna do now?”

“Food water. You know, rations. We haven’t found any yet. Maybe the forest. You know.”

“Aye Ca’tin.” Jonin’ scrambled along.

Jackeye stopped abruptly. So fast that Jonin’ almost ran into him.

“Oh, and also, don’t follow the river.”

“Why Ca’tin? Wat about water?”

“Cotton.” He said sharply before setting off again. “She will skin you alive.”


The End

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