Jackeye: Escape PlanMature

Jackeye glared at Jonin’.

“I told you we shouldn’t have left that trail.” He growled.

“But cat’in, you were the on-”

“Who said so?” Jackeye jumped up and pressed his dagger against the man’s throat. “You’re captain is always right.”

Jonin’ nodded fearfully. Jackeye sighed and released him, pushing him forward. Captain Cotton was already giving him a hard enough time. That last thing he wanted to deal with was the stupid Jonin’ messing every one of his plans up.

Now, Jackeye was not without a plan. They had already scouted the area and only happened to in a loop. Somewhere over there was a cliff. And a river. And a river meant he could jump. Now if only he could find that river again.

“Rations are over here.” He proclaimed, leading them down the path he had first gone down. “not far off, but you must be patient. Or else no rations for you.”

“Shut your mouth and get going.” Cotton pointed her rapier at him. Jackeye stared at it for a moment before gingerly pushing it away.

“Patience.” He said with a smirk before setting off again.

Moments later, Jackeye could hear the sound of water far off. A slight look of enthusiasm flashed across his face. He dragged Jonin’ in.

“Mate, I’ve got an escape plan. But you’re going to have to help me.”

Jonin’ nodded eagerly.

“I will cat’in.”

“Good.” Jackeye looked around before speaking up again. “There’s a river over there. Remember?”

Jonin’ nodded.

“If we jump down there, we can escape, and also fake our deaths.”

“By drowning?”

“Of course! How else?” Jackeye rolled his eyes. “But we need a distraction so that they don’t jump down with us.”

Jonin’ continued to nod.

“Stop nodding and get going!”

Jonin’ froze for a moment.

“But cat’in, wudda I’m supp’se ta do?”

“Kidnap one of them.” He hissed and pushed him away.

This was going to be fun.

The End

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