Isabel: AheadMature

A continuation of Nevermore, with two less authors. Unfortunately.

“Captain! We found a path!”

Isabel looked up from the cotton she was inspecting and squinted in the sun. There, a path plowed through the field. It was quite fresh and definitely recently made. Isabel smiled.

“Looks like our pirate friends aren’t exactly the brightest people.” She stepped onto the path. “Come on. We have two fugitives to capture.”

Isabel led her crew through the cotton field, walking along the winding path.

“Couldn’t these two idiots walk in a straight line?” She muttered, quite annoyed as they rounded maybe the 10 curve in the path. She didn’t quite want to verr of the trail, but at this rate, they would never catch up.

They would have to travel lighter.

“Samson!” The boy rushed over to the front.

“Aye captain!”

“I’m entrusting you with most of the crew. I’ll be scouting ahead with a few members. You stay behind and lead the rest of the crew.”

“But... Captain, you don’t have to go...”

“No buts. I have some unsettled... issues with that man.”

Samson nodded.

“Well? Will you lead the rest of the crew?”

“Aye captain!”

Samson turned and rushed off. Isabel picked a few of her tougher crew members and went ahead. While she could have just asked the men to go by themselves, she wanted to satisfaction of catching Jackeye herself. And possibly skinning him alive. Those two troublemakers caused her more trouble in one day than she had ever experienced in a month. They would have to pay. Dearly.

The End

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