Eyes that choose to hide everything behind a mask and show the fake. That keeps me from what you all feel.
All I know is death.

All I feel is sorrow.
I'm drowning behind my mask; please tear it off and save me. No one's ever succeeded and most likely no one will.

 I am but a helpless girl and I alone can't get it off. I need reassurance; I need some one to turn to but someone I can trust.
I am all alone, but I've the company of my magic, to keep me happy, or keep me sane
He’s never loved me, probably never will. I'm the darkness in your dreams.

Yet I'm drowning still.

 I try to help and bring life, but my attempts are futile, I am a Reaper.
Take my mask off and save me if you will

. I am drowning still...
I beg forgiveness, but I am shunned.

 I'm hated by God, loathed by Satan. The angels stone me, cursing my name.
The demons hang their heads in shame.

So I'll just stay in my world called "Nevermore"


The End

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