The world is coming to an end, and miranda's town is trying to survive as well as everyone else in the world. Food is scarch, electicity is down, but their still trying to survive. While all this is happening, a teenager named miranda is writing it down in her journal everything going on in her life.

Food is one them in this book that doesn't seem to go away. miranda got in trouble for eating three servings of chocolate chips, so she could not eat for the next four meals. her mother said " your going to skip your next four meals." ever since the world has been having a hard time, food is like a blessing. a want not a need.

Number 2 question: miranda's friend is "saved." she is willing to die because  the pastior say's it will be better in heaven than to be alive. miranda's mom is going a little bit crazy to, she is sort of wishing she had less kids to savior all food but really they have plenty of food.  


The End

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