Neverending darkness.

Daniel is on his way home, and wouldnt you know it, the lift is broken, fifteen floors what a great end to the day... could it get any worse??

The building stood; in the centre of the cold, boringness of the city;stretching to the heavens;seen by everyone for miles around- it had been vastly populated in its heyday but now is empty-striking fear into the hearts of nearby residents.

All because of the dreadful events which occured two years ago, one freezing weekend before christmas.

Daniel made his way home from work, able to see his building in the distance, getting closer and closer, his window somewhere among the city of windows which he now stared up at as he sat on the bus. Nothing special, just his house. Unbeknown to Daniel, he would never set foot in it again.

As he approached the building, he began to cheer up, his mind realising it could soon get some relaxation, remaining totally unaware his life was soon going to end in the worst possible way. Alone.

He strolled through the door and summoned the elevator, it never came, so eventually he gave up and dragged his feet towards the stairwell, fifteen floors(oh, joy).

He opened the door, flooding the empty stairway with light, leaving it to swing closed behind him, immersing him in darkness, silence his only companion.

Feeling around, Daniel finally located the stairs, grasping the metal rail he made his ascent.

His footsteps echoed eerily as he took he step towards the unknown, the hairs on the back of his neck beginning to tingle. Soon his mind began to play tricks on him, shapes flickered past him, sounds other than his own echoed through the darkness, he felt something getting closer, and closer - but when he turned to see, nothing.

After about fifteen minutes, he decided to try a door, he had lost track of how far up he was. A few more steps and his feet hit flat ground, he began to stumble around, feeling for a door, encountering nothing but stone walls. Now his hairs were fully standing up.

He climbed, again nothing, for hours he went on trying to find some way out, climbing, checking, climbing ... for what felt like an eternity. Still the footsteps followed his own, the figures becoming more pronounced in the darkness.

Now two years later, no one dares go near that cold, stone tower-living in the fear that what happened to Daniel may occur again.

Daniel had been found by a neighbour the next morning, laying at the bottom of the stairwell, and to this day no one knows what happened to poor Daniel.

Or do they???

The End

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