Never Walk Alone!

A girl gets raped walking home from the movies.


Never walk alone.

By Dave Johnson

Copyright (C) 2009


“I must be imagining things,” She said to herself. Danielle, a college student, was walking back to her dorm on a dark and dreary Friday night. She had enjoyed a night of entertainment at the local cinema. Walking alone, Danielle noticed something moving in the shadows. The feeling of paranoia took over her mind and she started walking faster towards the lighted area near the Chemistry building. “If I take this short cut…” She said aloud.

A man clutching a knife, readied for the attack. Like a hungry panther he lunged at the girl just as she entered the alley. Suddenly she felt searing pain on her right arm with warm wet liquid flowing down. Grabbing her by her hair a voice said; “Make a sound and I’ll kill you!” Growling low in a voice as evil as night, he dragged her deep in to the alley. Danielle fought her instinct to run and became immediately submissive. The knife firmly placed on her throat, he went to his grisly work. She will remember the face of the man on top of her, the man with the stocking mask and the cold steel knife drooling in anticipation of release. She started to struggle, he beat her unconscious.

The next morning Danielle awoke to the sound of Campus Police saying. “Get an ambulance quick!” She opened her eyes to see a man crouching over her. The terrible emotions of the night before flooded back into her mind causing her to scream and panic. “It's okay! It's okay...” Said the Officer.

“We'll get you to the hospital. You've been attacked and your all right. Your safe!” He continued.

Danielle , in her room at the hospital, was talking with a detective from the sex crimes unit. “I know this is hard. We need a description of the person who attacked you.” Asked Chief Grasso. Clutching her blanket with the look of shame on her face. Danielle spoke with a low trembling voice; “He was about six feet tall with blond hair. His eyes were evil and mean. I think they're blue.” She said. “Anything else? Can you remember anything?” Grasso impatiently asked. “I don't want to talk. I just want to forget!” she said sobbing. “Danielle, you know you're safe. You're safe HERE! But what happens when you leave the hospital? I need to stop him!” he said firmly. Danielle wipes her face with her blanket. Her eyes red with tears. She gives Chief Grasso a painful look. “He has a scar on the left side of his neck. Thats all I know! Leave me alone!” The attending physician motions for the Chief to leave the room.


The End

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