Never trust a Chinless Teacher

 Well it was the last day before the kingdom had a break and the handsome and charming Prince Blair Fleming of Haggs. Was entertaining his friends Sir Marcus of Wit, Sir Mcspecless of perfect sight and Sir Heterosexual Hair Christophe with his impression of the Kingdoms big punch line Serf Michael of twatishness. Unfortunately the tyranicall fill in leader of the Kingdom did not enjoy the handsome, princes humour and he was exiled from the kingdom for so long and if her dared rebel he would be sent to the grand drangon of evil Craigathor but the handsome prince did rebel cause he was headstrong and the chinless and fearful leader disgusted him. So he tried twice in vain to be allowed back in the kingdom but his cheek and headstrong nature did not help luckily a young sire called "Aaron of causes Animalistic Lust in Allison of Clearisol did not exist in the Kingdom" arrived and kept him company for a short time but still the handsome prince was alone for a long time but in the end he was allowed back in and everybody lived happily ever after, except Sir Mcspecless of perfect sight who was insulted constantly in the next Kingdom.


The End

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