chapter one: Busted.

Claire's and Nina were princesses of Lancaster. But when Nina shames the family name what will happen to her? Enjoy:)


"Claire!" Queen Lisa screamed when Claire showed up downstairs not wearing her Ball gown. "Claire it's  eight a clock why are you not dressed in more appropriate clothing?" Claire was still in her nightgown." I was feeling under the weather today mother." Clare explained as she sat in her chair. "Your cousins from bridgington are coming here today." Queen Lisa stated. "You can't not welcome them. I want you and Nina to look your best."  "Has ma'am." Claire said. "Um mother may I be excused?" Nina asked. The Queen nodded. As soon as the girls got to the safety of Claire's room Nina flopped on Claire's bed. "I need to to tell you something Claire." Nina said. "Ok go on." Claire said as she shed her nightgown for the aqua blue ball gown the maids had left out. "I'm seeing the stable boy." Claire stared at her. "What?" "I'm seeing the stable boy. His names james." "I know his name. Are you insane? Mother would kill you if she found out." "I know. But she's not going to find out." "How? There's guards everywhere." "Yes I know. We escape to the stables attic." "Be careful Nina." 

The End

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