The New Baby

I was 5 when Austin was born. Of course being a baby I absolutely loved him, and all my attention moved to him, and the light was off Tyler for a while. For a while being the key word since after a few months of having him home my mom wouldn't let me help with anything, so I started being Ty's best friend and sister again.


One night I could hear Austin crying and it was driving me crazy, so I went to the bathroom and shoved toilet paper into my ears trying to block him out. Yes I was a stupid child but I had seen my dad do it when his nose was bleeding and it felt like my ears were. Turns out I shoved them in a little too far and got them stuck. I woke up Tyler who went down to wake up our parents. I had to go to the emergency room, and Tyler was right beside me the whole time, while I screamed my head off so did he.


     When we were a little older Austin was 3 or 4 he got the chicken pox. And this was around Christmas, by the second day Austin had them, Tyler got them, then three days after that I got them, Talk about chain flu reaction huh? Tyler and I sat on the couch all day playing footsie, and complaining to each other. On Christmas day all three of us had just gotten over it.




The End

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