Never Torn Apart

The somewhat Diary of siblings growing apart and closer. The struggles and turmoil of a sister's unconditional love and determined sense of family.

My name is Cassidy, I am 15 years old. I have two younger brothers, Tyler and Austin. When I was 10 my parents got divorced, Tyler was only 8, and Austin was 6. Now most divorces go through easy, my parents did not go easily. It was a horrible divorce, really hurt my brothers and I being pinned against our parents.In the end it took a tole on all three of us.

     Austin and I look like our father Dan, and Tyler looks like our mother Jeanie. But we all have blond hair ranging in different shades and bright blue eyes.  Now quick description of the main outer differences with us.

Austin is still very young but still he is thickly built like our dad, with bleach blond hair and pale ice blue eyes, with light freckles. And massively sporty.

Tyler is the child from my mother's side, tall, slender, a little muscular, dark blond hair, nearly brown, and bright, deep blue eyes.

Cassidy, well I'm not slender, far from it actually. I'm not like massively huge either, either way I'm not skinny and not too fat to put it bluntly. With darker blond hair, kind of dark gold looking with blue eyes with a yellow ring around them to give the appearance of green at times. Not as sporty. What I lack in outer looks I make up for in personality my friends say.

Now that that is over and done with moving on. Typical stereotype, either brothers and sisters hate each other, or get along far too well to be brothers and sisters. I will not say that I love my brothers all the time, cause I totally don't, but no matter how much they piss me off they are still my brothers and I would do anything for them. I love them, yes. Like them? Not all the time. They are still my family.

The End

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