Creeping Doubts

The rest of that week didn't go as well as I'd thought it would. To me, it hadn't seemed like Matt had wanted to hang around me at all. Maybe it was just me being skeptical and worrying like I usually did, but even Anna didn't think he was making much of an effort. I didn't understand it! Why would he initiate a fantastic night like Tuesday and then just blank me?! Although I guess he had spent quite a few lunchtimes with me this week and there were times when we'd shared funny moments. Maybe the weekend would be better. A group of us were all supposed to be going out to the cinema and the arcade down at Romford so hopefully we'd have a chance to hang out there. I'd just have to see how it would turn out. A surge of excitement went through me as I thought about what I was going to wear on Saturday night. I couldn't wait to dress up! I was sure everything would turn out fine.


"Oh my gosh, Millie, just make a decision!" Anna flopped down exasperated onto my bed as I pulled out yet another possible outfit from within the depths of my vomiting wardrobe.
"I can't decide! Ok, I think I will go with…that black top and jeans aaaand, these heels?" I lifted up my favourite shoes for her to approve.
"Yeah, that'll look good. Now just put it on before you change your mind again!" I smiled and pulled on the clingy black top. Anna perched on the edge of the bed with my handheld mirror, making a funny face as she laced on the volumising mascara.
"This top is all creased!" I wrinkled up my nose, trying feebly to smooth out the material.
"It's fine!" I could sense Anna was getting slightly irritated by my constant complaints and indecisiveness so I didn't say anything more. I slipped into my snug jeans and shufffled my clammy feet into the shoes. My phone buzzed on the desk as I was tying up the second buckle.

"Oh!" I stretched over and picked the mobile up excitedly.
"It's from Matt!" I grinned and after skimming it quickly, shared it with Anna.
"He says 'Hey Millie! You're coming tonight right? Can't wait to see you. Sit next to me in the cinema. Yo x'
"AWw!" I clutched the phone to my chest and a rush of anticipation and joy sung in my heart. He really did like me! That was solid proof. I really couldn't wait until I saw him again.

A horn sounded promptly outside. I pulled the curtain aside to see a red fiesta parked messily on the curb, fumes pouring out of its exhaust.
"They're here!" I chorused.
"Let's go then."  Anna peered into her handbag "Purse, yep. ID - check." She patted it satisfied.
"Oh no! I bet I won't be allowed into the arcade." A feeling of dismay washed over me as I suddenly remembered about their ID check.
"Oh don't worry!" She made an airy hand gesture."You'll be able to get in easy. There's a load of us. You can just sneak past them. And you look 18 anyway."
"You think? I hope so."
"I'm sure it will be fine."

We clopped downstairs unsteadily and I quickly had a last glance in the mirror to check my appearance. I thought I looked quite pretty for once. I hoped Matt thought so too!
Bundling into the car, my heart dropped as I noticed he wasn't even there.
"Where's Matt?" I leaned forward to indicate my question was for Seth, who was driving us there.
"Oh, he said he had some stuff to finish off at his Dad's and he'd come on later in about half an hour, in Will's car with Sam as well." Oh no!
"Oh and I think he said something about Natasha coming too." My heart froze and I was jolted back into the middle seat as Seth speedily reversed and roared back up the road. Was it just moments ago he'd sent me that text?

Feeling dejected, I tried not to let it bother me as we wound our way along the back roads. I found it hard to join in with the jovial conversation and laughs and when Sarah commented about how quiet I was, I just laughed it off and said I was a bit tired, that was all.

I also tried not to let it bother me when the half an hour turned to 45 minutes and he still wasn't there. I'd texted him twice and he hadn't replied either times. Maybe he was driving or something. Or maybe he was with Natasha, I thought sourly. We'd already queued up and got our tickets for Transformers and were filing into the dark cinema. I felt silly all glammed up with the one person who I wanted to see me not even here. I bet he wasn't even coming anymore. I just wanted to go home. I was in danger of welling up.

"Where do you want to sit, Millie?" Anna asked me, over the running adverts.
"I don't mind really. I guess Matt isn't even coming." I didn't care how bitter I sounded.
"Oh don't worry, I'm sure he'll be here soon. He's probably just tied up with something. You know what he's like!" I could tell she felt sorry for me but was almost secretely pleased that it hadn't really been working out with me and Matt.

I slumped down into a cinema chair next to Sarah and sighed as I stared at the screen. I knew this would happen. Like anyone would want to go out with me.

The End

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