Crushed with Excitement

"…I nearly died it was so exhilarating." I paused for breath. "So anyway, then we parked near these woods and went in - it was so dark - and I was absolutely freezing at this point, but like I cared! Oh my gosh, it was so cool. We walked all the way to this other field and he was even holding my hand!"

"Aw!" We both crooned in excitement.

"And then! I don't want to tell you this bit…" I relished the eager, almost jealous look on Anna's face.

"Oh go on!"

"Well, we made out under this tree! It's so weird - snogging I mean. It's not how I thought it was going to be. I know there was that bus-stop guy, but he didn't really count. It wasn't proper snogging. Not like Matt's!" I giggled happily as the feelings came rushing back. "We were there for quite a while and then he started-"

"Girls!! Dinner!" My mum's voice floated up the stairs. We giggled again.

"I'll tell you after!" We scrambled off my bed laughing and tumbled downstairs.


I still couldn't believe it. Me and Matt!? As I lay there in my bed the night after, it was all I could think about. I really hoped he was serious. Why me?! But he would never ever do it as joke. He must be serious! It had only been a day and yet loads of people knew. I was kind of mad at Matt for telling other people, but not really that mad. Who could blame him after all? I was dying to tell Anna the moment I got back to my bedroom last night but knew it would have to wait until the morning. Annoyingly, not to mention typically, she was away all today for an open day, so I couldn't tell her at college. Instead, I sent her a text:

'You will never guess what happened last night! Round mine tonight - asap!" and had managed to give her the full low down this evening. But I didn't really care that it had got around! It was so satisfying that finally someone not in the popular crowd had been picked out by Matt. I bet those other girls were jealous. HA! And I was finally the subject of the latest gossip! Like that ever happened. I was going to relish in this for as long as I could.

School had been a little bit weird though. I had expected Matt to want to be around me in between classes and at lunch, but I didn't see him much and then he dashed off after school saying he had football practice. Oh well, I bet it was just me being paranoid as usual. I did sit with him and his friends at lunch and we chatted quite a bit. He kept smiling and winking at me which kept on giving me the shivers!

The End

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