Unlikely Visitor

Yes it definitely was Matt! From sixth form college!

After the initial bewilderment, I managed to undo the window latch and open its paint cracked frame. A cold gust swept in, sending a chill down my exposed boney spine. Surely he could hear my heart beating; it was deafening. I felt extremely self-conscious with my hair in a bird’s-nest style and in my rather limp, totally lost-shape pyjamas.

“What on earth are you doing here?!” I managed to whisper harshly. What startled me most was the pair of shorts he was wearing; and only that. He just grinned in reply and grabbed my hand. “Look I know this is really out of the blue…”
“You could say that” I interrupted. Actually, I didn’t say that, but I would have done if I’d been born with a bit more wit. A grain more confidence around guys who made me shrink away at my slightest attraction to them, wouldn't have gone amiss either. Instead I just hovered there feeling like a single abandoned pea sitting on an empty plate.

He continued, “…but if you just trust me on this you’ll…” He sounded like Aladdin. I did interrupt this time. “Hang on, it’s like midnight and you’re standing on my roof outside my window in just your shorts!” I couldn’t help letting out a snigger. At this point, I actually saw how cool and fit he really looked and most importantly, what situation I was in. Not what situation Natalie was in, with her stunning good looks that had all the boys flocking round her daily at college…but little me. Hey, this wasn’t too bad. What was I doing telling him off! One of the fittest guys I knew (of) was crouching outside my window, wearing, well, not much, and fervently asking me…well I didn’t know yet.

His face suddenly changed. “Okay, look, I’m sorry, I don’t know what I was thinking, coming here. I don’t know why I even thought you would want to see me.” He started to move away and his hand left mine. I was only aware of the tingling feeling when it abruptly stopped surging around my palm. I couldn’t let him go now! Not at a time like this! Waaaaait! He cast me a sorrowful look and threw the puppy dog eyes on me, forcing out of me, “No, wait…”

He paused and so did I. A tense awkward silence ate into the chilly air for a prolonged few seconds. I swallowed hard and shakily slipped a strand of boofy hair behind my ear. “Umm, what were you go-ing to say?” The word ‘going’ gets caught in my throat making me sound like an absolute spaz. Then suddenly, he turned to bashful mode. I’d never seen him like that before; it almost seemed fake.
“Well, I just wanted to take you for a ride, that’s all.” His voice had a mischievous tone to it and gave me that honey warm shiver again. He gestured towards his motorbike parked down on the pavement below. All suspicion melted away.

“Really?” I could not believe what I was hearing. This was definitely a dream, but I mustn’t wake up out of it!

“Come on!” He breathed excitedly, grabbing my hand again. The tingles were back.

“Wait! I can’t go out like this!” I exclaimed. I tried helplessly to conceal my embarrassing saggy pj’s. “And what if my mum finds out? I’ll get mullered!” Wow, I was actually thinking practically. Nevertheless, I knew it would be complete madness to not give in at an opportunity like this.

I sighed, pretending it was a hard decision but of course I had already made up my mind.

“Okay” I grinned, coming with it a dangerous stab of possible regret from that one resigning word. “Just wait a minute while I change into something more suitable” I chuckled whilst he smiled back and I let the curtain fall. Stumbling off my bed, my legs were literally jelly, failing clumsily beneath me.

What should I wear! What should I wear?! This? Or this? Something pretty but not too hot, which could make me all minging and sweaty. Having nearly chewed my lips off, I finally picked out some beige shorts and a strappy fitted grey top. That should do. It was dark outside anyway (thank the Lord!) and stuff the shoes; he wasn’t wearing any. I quickly pulled my hair back into a high ponytail and began shoving in grips. Then I painfully remembered about the helmet. Sighing, I took out the bobble and grips. Who cared anyway; I looked uglier than this in the cruel daylight so I’m sure he didn’t care. I sprayed on some perfume and put on some mascara super quick for good luck. Right I was ready. Gosh I’d taken 10 minutes! Aaahhh! I scrambled up onto the bed and pulled aside the curtain. My heart cliché-ingly skipped a beat. ‘Flippin ’eck! He’s fit!! Right, just calm down. Breeeeeathe.’
“Ok, I’m ready now. Sorry I took so long.” I gave a sheepish grin. I’m sure my voice box had somehow disintegrated during the last few minutes, just in time for this. I had to keep coughing, as if I had laryngitis. I bet he was thinking “Ew.”

He helped me down from the roof and I wobbled precariously, my heart jumping into my mouth, giving me that sick feeling of delayed anticipation. I was too young to die! Feeling relieved as my feet were enveloped by the velvety damp grass, we ran stealthily over to his parked bike. I cursed myself as my chest leaped again in excitement and disbelief of this turn of events.

The End

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