Never to Me

A teenage girl is visited in the night by the popular guy from college to take her out on a midnight ride. Another guy's story is slowly revealed.

It had been such an awful day. From the moment I had prised open my stubborn eyelids, I knew that it was going to be one of those long, dragged out days. To begin with, I had woken up terribly late and consequently had to haul myself out of my warm snugly bed and hastily pull on my humiliating school uniform. The prospect of getting breakfast didn’t bode well; such an effort at 7:55 in the early hours of the morning.

After searching for my blazer for no less than a decade, I hastily jumped into the car and my mum raced along the back roads to get me to school in time. Struggling up the gravel driveway with my heavy bag, half running, and half walking, much out of breath, I eventually staggered into the classroom just before the second bell triumphantly rang out. Argh, I despised Mondays. The day’s schedule included an overload of the hardest subjects all crammed into one day; on good days I would finish my homework by 11pm.

When I arrived home after the most tedious day, I ceremoniously dumped all my shoulder wrenching bags on the wooden floor of the hallway. I hadn’t gone very far up the stairs when I faintly heard from the direction of the living room, “Rebecca, do not leave your bags in the hallway for everyone to trip over.” Reluctantly I retraced my steps and hauled all my annoying bags up into my bedroom.A thorough blitz of tidying and cleaning just days before had left it uncharacteristically spotless. It felt so satisfying to walk into an uncluttered bedroom and flop down onto the creaky comfy bed.

Feeling exhausted, I lay there for a few moments and mercilessly pushed away the unwelcome prospect of homework. I sighed inwardly and out, suddenly awash with the intense urge for something out of the ordinary to happen to me; that no one else I knew had ever experienced…there I went, fantasising again. I could hear the echoing words of my mother, nagging at my constant dislike for reality. Shifting the whole darned topic aside with disgust, I for once knew the reality of that happening.

* * *

Tugging at the suffocating duvet, I ripped off my socks in hot frustration and turned over again for the tenth time that night. Why was I finding it so hard to sleep? I usually dropped off almost instantly. Every position was uncomfortable and the roaring cars passing outside filtered loudly through my porous windowpanes. The pips from the radio in another room penetrated the humid air. “Pip, pip, peeeep. It’s midnight on Tuesday the 14th of February”. Great! I’d never be able to get up in the morning. Eventually, a window of comfort lowered me gently into a deep sleep, which gloriously seeped through me and pulled me back into that world of fantasy….Suddenly, I was wide-awake again; a tiny knock on the window had my heart thumping out of my chest; every muscle in me tightening. My eyes remained unblinking, staring at the shadowy wall. Holding my breath, I strained to hear any more noises. Negative thoughts flooded into my mind like an approaching wave. I began to the think of all the worst things it could be. Maybe it’s a burglar…it’s probably just the wind…but it didn’t sound at all like the wind. After a minute’s silence, I uneasily discarded the noise and set back trying to resume my sleep. There it was again…only this time immediately afterwards I heard the whisper of my name. I was fully awake again, but not half as scared, because I knew I recognised the voice. Simultaneously wracking my brains to pinpoint who it was, and clambering out of my warm bed, I took a deep shaky breath and tentatively pulled aside the left curtain.

My thoughts were all jumbled up and what I saw gave me such a shock that I let out a startled cry.

The End

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