Chapter 4: BustedMature

Turns out mom called 20 minutes from home. Ya, remember when I said I lived alone? Mom thought I needed "some parental supervision," and since my dad left when I was born, SHE decided to move in with me. It's sooooo unfair though. I'm 17, and so what if I did get caught smoking and drinking (one time mom, one time!). That doesn't make me a bad kid does it? Now she's standing in the living room up to her ankles in chips and party stuff. Half the kids are still here, the musics still baring, and she's more angry than when dad came back to get me when I was 6. This will NOT be good. If you hear a faint scream and a few maniacle laughs, please, for my sake, call the cops.

20 minutes have past, and everyones gone. I'm still waiting for the volcano to blow though....... Still waiting......... Anytime now mom..........

I really hope that this won't go badly. I mean, I'm almost 18, and I don't need her here to watch me. I am definately capable of taking care of myself. Teenagers are supposed to rebel and throw randomly wild parties..... I guess mom skipped the teen stage.

The End

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