Chapter 3: PAR-TAY!!!Mature

Okay, so its 11:15, and the cops have already come twice. First, let me explain. My neighbors, the Wrights, thought the party was "too loud." Whats it to them? The second time, Ethan, my ex, thought it would be funny to try and play spin the bottle. Not harmless untill you dare him to scream (he sounds like such a girl!!!!!!!). But the party's still going. Right now, Avery is upstairs breaking up with her long-distance boyfriend. His name is Elliot, and he's from France. Apparently, he texted her saying: " I am so sorry Avery, I love you so much, but my friend set me up on a blind date, and the girl and I made out. I hope you can forgive me!!!! I STILL LOVE YOU though!!!!!!!. Please call me with the outcome of our relationship." Doesn't he sound gay ?????


Thats my mom calling me. You like the ring-tone? Ya, mommy can't let her little angel grow up without her. I better go answer though........

Crap!! She's coming home!! "Everybody out now!!!!!!!!"

"Whats wrong Mad" Avery asked.

"My mom is coming home. We've gotta get everyone out now!"

"How much time?"

"About 1 and 1/2 hours. They still gotta go though." Damn, this may get messy.

The End

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