Chapter 2: Getting Over ItMature

He's gone, whats the big deal? My life won't be different without him. I'm going out with my best friend, Avery. Good-riddance, he's not worth crying over. Anyway, we're going to Forever21, and the Ambercrombie store.  Thinking about maybe hooking up with one of HIS hot friends, since he hooked up with Scarlette, my now ex-best frind. That'll teach him a lesson. He's gonna miss the slut I used to be for him. You think this is mean? This isn't even half as bad as whan I found out.

Vrrrrrrr! Vrrrrrr! Thats my phone. Must be Avery to confirm our plans for tonights party. It's gonna get crazy! All of the High-school football guys are going to be there. Suck it Ethan! I'm recovering so much better than he is. He texted me last night. "Hey Madison. I was just wondering if you had plans for tomorrow night?" What a loser! Get a life you idiot!!! I better go meet Avery so we can get started. Sooooo excited for tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The End

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