Never Say "I Love You."Mature

Madison is a 17 year old girl, recently dumped, and now the boy has come running back. She tells and epic love story about letting go to something you once loved, and saving your pride.

Chapter 1: The Goodbye

"I can't believe that you would do that to me! You said you loved me!" Madison screamed. Her boyfriend on the ropes again about their relationship. He's screwed up big-time. "How could you do that when we've been together for 11 months? How could I have wasted this much time on you?"

"I'm sorry Mad, but this just isn't going to work. I'm tiered of the same routine, do this, call me then, blah, blah, blah!" Oh Ethan was going to get it.

"Fine, we're done. I don't ever want to see you. Ever! Your soooo not worth trying to get over the fact that when I go on a little trip, you've always got you're tounge down some girls throat! This is goodbye!" Madison was just getting started.

"Thats fine. Just remember that i'm the best thing that ever happened to you. You'll never find a guy as awesome as me!" Ethan was just trying to get her back before she was gone.

"The f*#^-ing hell you are! It'll be easy to find another guy.  Leave while you still have your dignanty. As if you ever actually had any." Hells broke loose, and it's taken Madison with it. 

The End

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