The Evening

As I walk down the red path to the doors of the party hall, I notice the difference they have made for it tonight. Just as I am about to pull open the doors I am beaten to it by a boy, not just anyboy.

He opens the doors before allowing me to walk through. I smile and turn round to say thank you to him. I then notice just what he is wearing, a black neatly pristined suit, with black shiny shoes to match.

I think to myself 'He is quite hot' but this is my old friend Craig we are talking about. As I take a few steps in everyone who is there turns to face me. They all smile, clap and cheer me on, I don't even know why.

I looked around to try and find my friends. Who when they see me all walk forward. Sarah the intelligent yet pretty one steps forward first. She was wearing a long red dress topped off with black heels.

She smiled before allowing Izzabella who is also bright to walk forward. They all came and hugged me muttering 'So glad you come'. I smiled, I knew it was the right decision. Walking to the table we had been allocated and noticed that everyone else had gone back to chatting.

I sat down on a seat and sighed. I watched the band begin to set up, before being brought back to reality by our head of year Mr Barrington calling us to sit down, for dinner was about to begin.

I turned round to face the rest of my 8 - seater table and was surprised Craig was there!

The table contained 8 people I knew, the were Simone (BFFL), Emma-Leon, Craig, Damien, Sarah, Izzabella, Hayden and Me. All of which I guessed had dates. I watched everyone join into conversations and felt lonely. Then the meal was brought out. 

The End

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