Never Say Goodbye

When your a teenager, you can only imagine your life as perfect But Kyera finds that it is not always like that.

I twirled around in my black long dress. Mum was desperately trying to curl my hair.
"Kyera stand still" Mum beckoned me back to reality.
I stopped still and let Mum slowly curl my hair to perfection. Her eyes brimmed with tears.

She carefully did my subtle but stand out make up and helped me with my white cinderella high heels. She smiled. This time i twirled round, i had no intentions of stopping.
I looked at mum, she was busy phoning someone, i didnt know who. Mum had been muttering stuff about how 'it would have been lovely if your dad had been there'.

I stood still, taking in the reality of what was about to happen, my prom. The day I had dreamed about for years, ever since I was little.  I looked around, Mum had just come off the phone and was smiling at me.

She walked to the door, opened it and stood back allowing me to walk forward. I stepped out of the house and looked around and that was when i saw it, a pink shiny limousine. For Me? I couldnt believe it.

Walking down the steps to the car, the driver got out and opened the door. I gasped, why all this for me? I lifted my dress and carefully sat down on the red leather seat. The driver started and carefully drove down the road.

I waited, then the limousine came to a stop and the driver got out. He carefuly opened my door and said

"Enjoy your special evening Lady".

I then stepped out and looked in amazement.

The End

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