Never Mine


Never Mine



All this time,

I’ve been lovin’ you.

Your beautiful eyes,

Bright as fireflies.

Gorgeous smile,

Luscious hair,

Every time I see you,

I gasp for air.

Like the sun,

You’re the light of my world.

I love your laughter

And your cheery soul.

Your presence burns through me

Like coal.

It’s been so hard,

‘Cause you were never mine.


Thinking about you

Makes me smile all the time,

But as life goes on

I realize

That you won’t love me

You were never mine.



I wish one day

You would forget about him

He’s treating you like a piece of trash.

May I hold your hand?

I’ll give you my passion,

My love,


Everything I have!


We can spend the rest of our lives together,

Feelin’ happy,

As long as eternity.

Lovin’ each other




I ask one more time,

Will you be mine?


The End

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