Turning to the boy who spoke, naming the man the master of the Cræth, he said, “However, I am not the master of this Cræth. I am the leader of the No-Level that reside at this location. A level Three that resides here informed us that two boys with incredible potential were traveling here, and that they could very well qualify for No-Level upon their arrival. I am pleased to see that she was correct.” Turning to face the building, he continued. “We did not know what your abilities where, however. Rather, we did not know exactly. We knew that they were of the High Class, but we never even dreamed that they would both be of the First Rank. You two have incredible power, and it is my hope that we can help you to discover the true extents of your powers and to control them. Although, I must admit that you showed incredible control over the music, Shelvett.” Turning to face the boys, he focused his attention on Shelvett, the one who used the music. He stared at the boy, not saying anything, merely watching and studying him.

Turning abruptly towards the doors again, he said,” We will be in touch with you in a few days, after you have become an official member of the Cræth. We will then teach you about our own rules and guidelines.” They could hear people approaching the gate from the inside, footsteps and voices echoing off of somewhere. Looking over his shoulder he said “And I suppose I should warn you. One of you will become a champion of Good, and the other… The champion of Evil.”

Shocked by his casual tone with what he just said, the boys stood staring at his back as he went through the gate, disbelief and shock plain on their faces. After he disappeared, they saw people dressed in many different colors streaming out to meet them, laughter and cheering filling their ears. Looking around quickly, Shelvett saw that the circle of people had vanished, their robes gone from the ground as well.

The End

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