“Well well. I never expected to see that.” A voice behind him said, as a hand was placed on his shoulder. Too tired to look up at who it was, the boy kept his head down and said nothing. “I imagine that you are extremely fatigued. It is dangerous to dance with the music when this tired, boy.”

“They were going to hurt my friend. They were going to hurt him, or kill him. I couldn’t let that happen. He is my only friend.” His head still bowed, he turned his head to look to where his friend was standing. He could tell that he was facing him by the direction of his feet, his sandals covered in dirt and grime. To worried about his friend to really think about what the man had said, he didn’t even think about how the man knew he had danced with the music.

“Stand boy. I want to see your face, not just hear your voice.” The hand on his shoulder gripped his arm, and helped him to his feet. Once on his feet, the hand fell away and brushed his back, getting rid of some of the dirt. Turning to look at who had been speaking to him, the boy was startled to see that it was the man with the silver dragons on his sleeves. Surprised that he wasn’t frozen, the boy immediately opened his mouth to summon the music again when his friend put his hand on his arm.

“It’s ok; he won’t hurt you, or me. He is the master of this Cræth, he just wants to talk to you know,” the boy said,”His name is...” Turning to glance at the man, the boy waited for him to say his name and introduce himself.

Shaking his head, the man replied, “Not important. You two are here because you desire to become a member of the Cræth, correct?” Barely waiting for the boys to nod their heads, he continued on. “What you just experienced was your first test. You were each tested in different ways, and it is your experience to talk about with each other if you choose. No one will ask about your test, and no one will try to force you to talk about it. I suggest you spend time thinking on what happened and see how you were tested.”

The End

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