Music flowed from his mouth, a tangible beauty that circled about him, unseen by the rest of the world. He focused his thoughts to direct the music to unfreeze him that he may save his friend, to stop the people from killing them. The music continued to flow from deep inside of him, and he became able to move again, the invisible bonds destroyed. He opened his eyes, and stared at the people around him, just in time to see a bolt of light flashing towards him. Stop. The thought directed his music, and in turn it directed the music of the light, stopping it in mid air. He watched as they all attacked him, and from every direction he deflected or halted their attacks, never letting them touch him or his only friend.

Frustrated by the bombardment of attack, he raised his voice, and let go of more music then he had ever tried to control. The sound and beauty spun and danced in the air, and grew a mind of its own, stopping the attacks even before they were formed. He stared up at his creation of beauty, and commanded it to hold fast all the people who had attacked him. The music swirled faster and faster, dancing through the sky and whipping tendrils of sound at all of them, freezing them where they stood, shielding their minds from their abilities. Sure that everyone was held fast and secure, he let the music die, closing his mouth and closing his eyes, the weariness washing over him.

The End

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