Two of the figures, each a man, seemed to have fire balls in their hands and were hurling them at the boys as fast and hard as they could. One of the boys opened his mouth and screamed, but made not a sound. The fire balls seemed to stop in the air, and to collapse in on each other from some unseen force. But before he could be asked what he did, they were being attacked from another direction, this time from two women who each seemed to be throwing globs of color. The other boy smiled, and caught each of the colors that were thrown at them, absorbing them through his skin. After they were gone, he raised his arm into the air, and as he held it there a large orb of a strange, colorful substance grew in his hand. Holding it up, he continued to turn in the circle watching those around the outside, watching for an attack.

As he found himself facing the man with the silver dragon, he found his eyes caught in the other mans, entranced by something he didn’t know and froze where he stood, unable to use his orb. The other boy noticed that he had frozen, but couldn’t do anything about it, as he found that he was frozen as well. Everyone in the circle raised their arms, summoning each of their individual abilities. Panic welled up in the boy who could see what was happening, watching as these people began to show their powers and preparing to attack them one more time and destroy them.

The air became hot and hard to breath, he was gasping for breath, struggling to move, fighting whatever held him frozen. The panic became frustration, and then anger, and then finally fury. They were going to kill the two of them, him and the only friend he had ever had. He couldn’t let that happen. He would protect his friend, the only person to not run from him, the only person who helped him. Focusing his energy, he closed his eyes and calmed his mind, and began to sing.

The End

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