They had met at a crossroads, and once they introduced themselves they knew that they were destined to be friends. They had decided to travel together and to protect each other as they traveled onwards to the closest Cræth, and they never gave up hope that they would be accepted. The each knew that the other had an ability, but they knew enough about the Cræth that it was frowned upon to flaunt one’s ability, and neither was comfortable talking about it. Because of this, they didn’t learn what the other’s was until they were tested. They showed up at the doors of the Cræth in the middle of the night, tired and worn from their long journey together, and hoping that they would be able to have a good night’s sleep and some warm food.

However when the doors opened once they arrived, they were not met by the usual welcoming party. Ten men and women walked out of the doors in a single file line, and circled about them where they stood. After they had made their circle, an eleventh man walked out and stood at the entrance to the Cræth. They all stood there in white and grey robes, the hoods covering their faces, and their arms folded together in the sleeves. The moon was full and shone down on the figures standing around the boys, but they glowed with a light greater than the moon could have given.

The End

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