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"Just hold my hand, and forever shall remain."Ashley Tanner is escaping. From her parents, her siblings, her friends and the truth. Her family decided to move down town to a farm in Detroit which her father owns, perhaps expecting a better life, and with five months left to live, she have no choice but to follow them. Who knows? Maybe she'll finally meet someone who will make her five months worth living."The clock is running, make the most of today."If only they have enough time.

Never Let Me Go | Introduction

“I keep thinking about this river somewhere, with the water moving really fast. And these two people in the water, trying to hold onto each other, holding on as hard as they can, but in the end, it’s just too much. The current’s too strong. They’ve got to let go, drift apart. That’s how it is with us. It’s a shame, because we’ve loved each other all our lives. But in the end, we can’t stay together forever.”



This is the word I’ve live through throughout my life. Even so, I had managed to survive. I hate the feeling. I hate the feeling when you passed by hallways in the hospital, and the nurses are sparing you her pity looks, the feeling when your friends started to treat you differently, the feeling when Dr. Mulligan told me I have five months left to live.

And I don’t like it, at all.

How will you like it when you actually know that you’re dying? From now on, I’m going to live every second in my life for the days to come knowing that I’m going to die, anytime, any day.

The thing is— I have so many things to do, yet, so little time. Five months can get you to nowhere.

Looking out from my bedroom window, I watch as a boy, about eleven years old, helps his mother to carry her groceries in one hand, and he’s mother is right beside him, holding his hands as they cross the road.

Motherly love.

With the mother-and-son-duo slowly fading as they walk further by the sidewalk, another family hops into my sight. There is a baby, it’s a girl, I think, considering she’s wearing a cute pink color hat, and her elder sister is teasing her with the balloon her parents bought.

Another kind of love.

I won’t say I’m the unluckiest person in this entire universe just because I’m dying, but I consider myself lucky. I have my parents, an elder brother and sister who will always be my side, supporting me when I’m down.

But that’s not all.

You know what I love the most about my family?

It’s that they accept me for who I am, and never ditch me when they found out I’m dying, they love me for me.

And I thank God for that.



I don’t feel like answering whoever’s outside my room, so I stay silent, my gaze still fix on the road of the outside world, I’ve been doing that lately.

One thing I love about my room— is that I have a window that I can sit by or even lay on there, my dad specifically made the space for me, and it’s become my favorite spot. I can just sit by the window with my blanket wrapped around me, and spend my day.

“Ash, I’m coming in,” My sister knocks my door softly before opening, and steps in.

I sniff, holding the tissue I have in my hand, and wrap the blanket around me tightly, my brown hair following the rhythm of the rain outside, drifting down to my shoulder.

I can hear my sister, Lily’s sigh, as she makes her way towards me.

“Do you mind?” Lily asks, holding my blanket up so that she can have some space to sit with my by the window. I sniff again, shaking my head and scoot over to let her sit down beside me.

I look out to the window again, watching the raindrops falling on my window as it slowly slide down, ending it’s own life. Even though it’s July here, it has been raining a lot nowadays.

“Are you okay?” Lily asks, I can feel her eyes watching my intently.

I nod, yes. There’s no point for me to say no. I mean, I’m fine, out of everything, I am.

She sighs again, and I find it irritating, sighing is for desperate people, it does not belong to me nor my family. I won’t sigh without a reason.

“Talk to me, Ash,” She urges, sliding down a little, so she looks like she’s lying her back against the world in front of me.

I shake my head no.

“Come on, the last time Adam came in, you act like he didn’t exist.”

I turn to look at her for a moment, and try to draw the shape of her jaw line, she looks exactly like me, long brown hair, black eyes, and a sharp jaw line, cutting out the fact that I adore her thin lips, she looks beautiful.

It’s been two weeks from now since Dr. Mulligan told me I was diagnosed with Leukemia, and I don’t care.

According to Adam, my elder brother, who’s two year older than me, which makes him twenty this year, has been bugging me to step out from my room, so that’s why I ignore him.

“What do you want?” I ask, my voice harsh due to the lack of water.

But Lily doesn’t seem to notice my tone, she seems surprise by my sudden words. “Dad sent me up here.”


“He’s got some news, he announced it earlier, and you weren’t there, so he sent me up here to deliver the news.” She explains, playing with the blanket.

What might the news be? What is it that’s so important he has to let me know that soon? Normally, if he don’t have to, he won’t bother me, but now, it’s like out of the picture.

“So what’s the news?” I ask, sounding calm.

“Well, you remember the farm dad own?” For the first time in my life, I get to see my sister’s nervous side.

“The one at New Jersey?” I ask, confuse now. What does any of the news revolving around dad’s farm? Sure, I love the farm, but what’s wrong with it.

Realization hit me. The farm. . Dad has been thinking of selling it, God knows how much we’ve fight about this! I even swear if he’s selling the farm I’m never going to talk to him again, like rea—

“Dad’s construction team built a house right next to the farm, so we’re moving there to start over.”

The End

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