I couldn't sleep the whole night. actually the main reason was because i was chatting with Bryan ,but when we said goodnight to each other i couldnt stop thinking about him.

i sighed. i guess i was finally sure that i liked him.last night when we were chatting he asked me if i'll get my cell phone to school tomorrow or not. so i said yes ofcourse...its sportsday and i would never miss out on a chance to get my phone to school. besides that i was leaving for my cousin's wedding aftr school so my dad would have to contact me because he was going to pick me up.

when i told him this ..he didn't reply for sometime. i waited and waited and waited and finally he replied.

"oh.shit.why didnt you tell me?"

"i just did.but why?"

"nothing.i'll tell you tomorrow."

he was so frustrating at times!

we had texted each other the whole night. approximately 4 hours. i was so much developement in just one night.i smiled to myself.

he was very nice to me or maybe i was just too excited about the fact that he was flirting with me.i had become so absurd.i never used to think like this about any guy.not even when i was with him in a relationship.

Next morning when i was in the bus, as usual Bryan and i were chatting. he had already reached school. i was feeling really scared...god knows why?

I saw Bryan when i entered the ground. he was practising. i could've fainted right there if Sophie wouldn't have distracted me. He was looking unbelievably hot! his hair were long,covering his eyebrows and his pant was low waisted to a point where it could fall any minute. how could anybody be so perfect?

"he's really good on the tracks isn't he?"

i didn't even realise for a minute that Sophie was talking to me.

she shook me a little bit..."JENNY!"

"hey sorry..i was just thinking."

"hmmm...i see what you meant about Bryan."

"i told you."

"hes not bad...not bad at all."

" like him? i could introduce you to him."

"i dont really know..maybe some other time."

Good for me , i thought.

Hours passed and i was just roaming around with Annie when i saw him again.he was doing something in his cell phone.

My phone beeped. was for me.

"Hi...where are you?"

i took Annie's hand and ran from was a reflex. sometimes i could be such a klutz.

i replied.

"i'm at the stands.where are you?"

Annie nudged me in the ribs.

"ouch Ann! what is it?"

she pointed somewhere.i looked.

and i saw HIM. So godly,coming towards me.


"holy shit Jenny! you're blushing so bad!"

Ugh! Why me? this was so embarassing.

he was almost there.

"Hey you mind if i sit with you?"

"of course not."

he sat besides me.

His scent was....deadly,and so was his smile and his hair and his trousers...

"Breathe Jenny , breathe" i reminded myself.

"you wanna go for a walk?"


"yee-aa-hh...sure." i was stuttering.

he lead the way.

he did i.

"you know what Jenny?"


i was constantly smiling like a jerk.

"i like somebody."

this was it.

" her out.."

"are you sure?"

"yeah Bryan..."

if it would turn out to be someone else..i would kill myself!



"i like you.will you be my girlfriend?"

Bulls-eye! i knew it! i could go around jumping and screaming. there were fireworks in my stomach.



"umm...Bryan...i need some time."

was i out of my mind? why was i doing that? oh right. i had to tell Annie first. i had never taken any decision without asking Annie.

"how much time?"

"see...i'm leaving today...and i'll be gone for 5 there is no point if i answer you today."

"oh no! 5 days?!"

"yeah...sorry...bad timing!"

"oh..ok...5 days then.."

"and of luck for the rest of your events."

"oh thanks."

when he left...i broke into a sprint and ran to Annie.


"i told you Jenny."

she was so not excited.but she looked happy.

"what do i do?"

"are you ill?"

" no im not!"

"then what're you waiting for? say yes !"

my phone must be him.

and i was was him...but this wasnt good.

Dont take all this seriously, was just a joke.sorry.

I was ..silent. my stomach turned.

a joke? what kind of a sick joke was this?

i couldn't believe it.holy shit! i would kill him!

i messaged him.

"what the hell?fine.whatever."

i showed Annie his message.

"Jen...thats why i didnt really want you to be with him."

"what do you mean by that Annie? See i'm really pissed right now."

" know Ben and Chuck are his friends right?"

Ben and Chuck went in Annie's bus and practically i hated Ben because he hooked me up with Zac who was supposedly his best friend and when he left the school..i got to know that Ben liked me. what a jerk!

"yeah i what ?"

"they told me loads of things that Bryan says about you.all of them in fact."

"all as in?who all ?"

"Bryan , Alex , Eric,Rex and all those..."

Eric and Rex were my classmates too.Rex was ok but Eric..that idiotic fat ass always ruined things for me.he was with me since the start of school and we never stopped fighting.i couldn't even remember why we were having a fight this time?

"forget it now Jenny...they're just a bunch of didn't really like Bryan did you?"


Annie stared at me for a while.she always caught my lies.i wondered how she did that! well..we werent best friends for the past 12 years just like that. she gave me a sympathetic look and decided to let it go. i gave her a weak smile .  i was fighting against the tears that were forcing out of my eyes.

i wasn't a bit angry with Bryan...just very hurt.

i messaged him asking if he had said crap about me,like Annie had said. he said no.for some reason i still believed him.

it was time to dad had come to pick me up. my winter break was starting in 5 days. the same day when i would return from my cousin's wedding. i had somehow managed to convince my dad to drop me to school whenever we reach back.

the rest of the day had not been very good either.besides all this Bryan thing , i kind of had a fight with Lee and Justin again. They were with me the whole time. Lee actually left James to be with me. they had a whole new group of friends whom i hated.

there was Lily, Taylor, Nancy, Audrey and even Sarah.

Audrey had been one of my best friends long time back.things went bad and we just..split up.

i hated all of them. even John,Mike and James were with them. Justin was quite neutral and Lee was mostly with me.

i had cheered alot that day. it was a 17th. my lucky number.but it  didnt seem to work this time .

Lee was really upset with me because i was showing a lot of attitude and i was much more interested in looking at Bryan and talking to him on SMS than being with him. He had noticed.

he wanted me to come on the other side of stands where Lily and her chronies were sitting.

"no know i hate them Lee!"

"cant you do this for me Jenny? just 15 mins?"

he was right.i owed him.

i went and sat there. i just stuck to Justin and was listening to songs with him. after a while it was getting hard to control my temper. i said bye to Justin and Lee and left.

I didnt really bother to go and talk to them again . our thoughts matched.they didnt meet me again the whole day.

Sophie had been with Ashley even though i had promised to be with her. Ashley was one of my bestest friend ever, she was with me since 5th grade. She kind of liked Alex.

Annie had been busy with her dance and i with Bryan.

Ashley knew everything about Bryan.She supported me too,but no one could top Annie. she was the bestest ever.

coming back to Bryan, i was actually scandalised. when i was in the car i was mad about 2 things.

first being the prank Bryan played on me ofcourse.

second was that somewhere inside i had developed feelings for him.this wasnt exactly why i was upset. i was afraid that he might not like me back.

there was one more thing that was bothering me. what if Bryan liked somebody else? but that wasnt quite possible...he didnt know any other girl besides me. i had given Annie his number,she was quite excited to talk to him but not anymore. and even if she did,i woudlnt mind that because she loved me..she would never ever do anything like that to me.i trusted her with my life.

And that's when everything went wrong.It was my biggest mistake.

correction - One of my biggest mistakes.

The End

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